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New Books
Met her match
A girl named Anna : a novel
The widow of Pale Harbor
Butterfly in frost : a novella
The institute : a novel
Beneath the attic
What Rose forgot
Dominicana : a novel
Pretty guilty women : a novel
Ares : god of war
Eros : god of love
Hades : god of the underworld
Hermes : god of travels and trade
Catholic immigrants : in their shoes
The long call
A single thread
Heaven, my home
All out war
When hell struck twelve
Castle in the stars. Book three, The knights of Mars
The ten thousand doors of January
To the lions : a novel
The nobodies
Cold storage : a novel
The testaments
Killer instinct
Max Einstein : rebels with a cause
Frankly in love
The hive
Lost and found
Serpent & dove
The virtue of sin