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New Books
Santa Baby
Kingdom of the Wicked
Piece of my heart
Hot to trot
Tom Clancy : shadow of the dragon
The short the long and the tall : short stories
These violent delights
A star on TV, Lucy McGee
The law of innocence
No ordinary thing
Izzy in the doghouse
Mind the gap, Dash & Lily
One life
The little mermaid
This time next year we
A promised land
Dearly : new poems
13 and 3/4
7 ways
Medicare for dummies
7 good reasons not to grow up
Instant karma
The summoner
Love & olives
Claudia and the new girl
Word of honor : a Peter Wake novel
North and South
Past + present
City + country
Sadiq and the explorers
Trail trouble
Danger on the reef
Truth and honor : the President Ford story
Double agent
The dirty South
A Galway epiphany
Hidden in plain sight
The Enigma game
Curse of the mystery mutt
This is your time
The metric system
Stick with me