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New Books
A private cathedral
Leonard and Hungry Paul : a novel
Choppy water
Bear necessity : a novel
The night swim
Caste : the origins of our discontents
Paris never leaves you
The eighth detective : a novel
The friendship list
The silent wife : a novel
The last Mrs. Summers
The lions of Fifth Avenue : a novel
Love scam
You had me at hola : a novel
Vanessa Yu
Survival instincts : a novel
Vanishing Falls : a novel
The answer is ... reflections on my life
The streel
Memorial Drive : a daughter
Tea & treachery
Playing nice : a novel
The book of lost names
1st case
After the worst thing happens
Animals in the sky
Nicnevin and the bloody queen
My peekaboo animals
Malorie : a Bird Box novel
The Nemesis manifesto
The pull of the stars : a novel
Half Moon Bay : a novel
He started it
The end of her : a novel
The lending library : a novel