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Miss Janie
Better luck next time : a novel
Last day
Death with Dostoevsky
Cold kill
In the lion
The librarian of Boone
Murder at Kingscote
All the colors of night
Antiques fire sale
The last taxi driver
The scorpion
The liar
American traitor
The forever girl : a novel
The prophets : a novel
The push : a novel
The lost boys
The wrong family
The falcon always wings twice
The southern side of paradise
Muskrat Hill
Neighbors : a novel
The mockingbird
Steadfast mercy
These nameless things
Fragments of Light.
Closer than she knows
Adequate yearly progress
The secrets of the Bastide Blanche
The tenant
The Dutch shoe mystery
Set the stars alight
Acceptable risk
The last druid
More miracle than bird
The Crystal Cave trilogy