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Golden : how Rod Blagojevich talked himself out of the governor's office and into prison
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Chicago Tribune reporters Coen and Chase tell of the rise and fall of Rod Blagojevich—the "amiable" and "cocksure" former governor of Illinois who tried to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat in 2008. The FBI was on to his tricks beforehand, recording him secretly when "Blago" exclaimed on tape of his legal power to name a successor: "I've got this thing and it's fucking golden," adding, "I'm just not giving it up for fucking nothing." Even FBI director Robert Mueller marveled to learn "the guy dropping the F-bombs" in the tapes was the governor. After a sensational trial, Blago was convicted of fraud and extortion, with a 14-year prison sentence. Coen and Chase's authoritative account benefits from ample public records and court transcripts. Their detailed, surreal narrative features a cast that includes Barack Obama, David Durbin, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Tony Rezko, and the entire Democratic establishment in Illinois and Washington, D.C. All those interested in the Blago drama or political intrigue in general can dive into this book with relish. There are heroes, too, as Coen and Chase make clear. The FBI investigation and federal prosecution demonstrated strong and reassuring internal checks against corruption inside government. (Oct.)

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Examines the political life of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, including how he was elected, the corruption within his office, and the evidence presented during his federal trial that resulted in a fourteen year prison term. - (Baker & Taylor)

Describes the 2008 scandal of the Illinois governor attempting to sell a seat in the U.S. Senate, detailing Blagojevich's interactions with the media and his well-publicized political corruption trial. - (Baker & Taylor)

No one did political corruption quite like Rod Blagojevich. The 40th governor of Illinois made international headlines in 2008 when he was roused from his bed and arrested by the FBI at his Chicago home. He was accused of running the state government as a criminal racket and, most shockingly, caught on tape trying to barter away President-elect Barack Obama’s US Senate seat. Most politicians would hunker down, stay quiet, and fight the federal case against them. But as he had done for years, Rod Blagojevich proved he was no ordinary politician. Instead, he fueled the headlines, proclaiming his innocence on seemingly every national talk show and street corner he could find.


Revealing evidence from the investigation never before made public, Golden is the most complete telling yet of the Blagojevich story, written by two Chicago reporters who covered every step of his rise and fall and spent years sifting through evidence, compiling documents, and conducting more than a hundred interviews with those who have known Blagojevich from his childhood to his time in the governor’s office. Dispensing with sensationalism to present the facts about one of the nation’s most notorious politicians, the authors detail the mechanics of the corruption that brought the governor down and profile a fascinating and frustrating character who embodies much of what is wrong with modern politics. With Blagojevich now serving 14 years in prison, the time has come for the last word on who Blagojevich was, how he was elected, how he got himself into trouble, and how the feds took him down.

- (Independent Publishing Group)

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