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City on edge : a novel
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Near the start of Edgar-winner Pintoff's uneven second Eve Rossi novel (after 2015's Hostage Taker), New York City Police Commissioner Logan Donovan is assaulted amid preparations for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Donovan's 13-year-old daughter, Allie, disappears in the ensuing riot. Police find Allie's cell phone on a subway platform, the timer counting down to the parade's scheduled conclusion and the home screen bearing an image of the missing girl together with the message: "How far will you go to save her?" Donovan tasks FBI special agent Evangeline Rossi and her Vidocq team of "ex-cons and barely reformed thugs," who solve crimes using nontraditional methods, with locating Allie and bringing her kidnapper to justice. What begins as a high-octane thriller falls prey to choppy pacing, ill-defined stakes, and a convoluted denouement. Early scenes spotlighting police brutality are edgy, affecting, and create the expectation of a tale with a social conscience; Pintoff never seriously revisits the topic, though, and two-dimensional characters further diminish the book's emotional heft. Agent: David Hale Smith, DHS Literary. (Nov.)

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"An electrifying thriller featuring Eve Rossi, head of a covert division of the FBI made up of ex-criminals, and set against the backdrop of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. What at first looks like an assassination attempt on New York City's Police Commissioner might in fact be a smokescreen for the abduction of his teenage daughter. Or is it a larger conspiracy? As midtown Manhattan grinds to a hault in preparation for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Eve Rossi and her team of ex-cons race against the clock to save a child's life and thwart a massive terrorist threat in this whiplash-paced thriller"-- - (Baker & Taylor)

When the attempted assassination of New York City's Police Commissioner is discovered to be a smokescreen for the abduction of his teenage daughter, Eve Rossi and her team of ex-cons race to save the girl and thwart a terrorist attack during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. - (Baker & Taylor)

When an assassination attempt on the life of New York City's Police Commissioner is discovered to be a smokescreen for the abduction of his teenage daughter, Eve Rossi and her team of ex-cons race the clock to save the girl and thwart a massive terrorist attack during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. - (Baker & Taylor)

Edgar Award–winning author Stefanie Pintoff shoots to thrill in her gripping new novel of suspense.
The night before the Thanksgiving Day Parade, a crowd gathers on Manhattan’s Upper West Side to watch the giant balloons fill with helium and rise toward the sky. Then the festive ritual takes a terrifying turn—a gunshot rings out, police commissioner Logan Donovan falls, and panic erupts. When the chaos clears, another crime is revealed: Donovan’s daughter, Allie, has been kidnapped. Soon the abductor will make his shocking demands.
Within hours, Special Agent Eve Rossi and her handpicked team of quick-thinking, swift-moving, hard-striking former convicts know a lot about the kidnapper. He’s somewhere close by, holding Allie along with a captive boy. He hates Logan Donovan enough to destroy him. And he will kill.
But there’s more Eve and her team don’t know—about a weapon planted inside the parade, about Commissioner Donovan’s hidden life, and about the secrets his daughter keeps. As people line the streets, bands and marchers prepare, and the massive parade steps off into New York’s echoing canyons, a desperate race begins to keep the city from being torn asunder by a brutal act of violence. But even as her squad deploys for action, Eve grapples with a harrowing question: Whom should she fear more—a vengeful man threatening innocent lives, or a charming, arrogant cop fighting to save his daughter, who may be trying to cover up his crimes?

Praise for Stefanie Pintoff’s Hostage Taker
“The perfect blend: an urban thriller as modern as tomorrow’s New York Times, driven by a two-hundred-year-old idea, with a main character to die for . . . I hope we see plenty more of Eve Rossi and her team.”—Lee Child
“A high-voltage game of parry and thrust.”—New York Daily News
“Pintoff skillfully ratchets up the tension and throws more than one curveball into this twisty, exciting read.”Booklist (starred review)
“Strong writing, a well-paced plot, and intriguing characters make this one of the best thrillers of the year. Fans of Lisa Gardner will find much to like here.”Library Journal (starred review)
“A high-velocity roller coaster of a thriller.”—Jeffery Deaver
“A brilliant thriller . . . Stefanie Pintoff is one of the best crime writers at work today.”—Michael Koryta - (Random House, Inc.)

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